Virtual launching ceremony of kalakari film festival merchandise by rishi nikam

Team kalakari working on the front line against coronavirus, kalakari film festival by rishi nikam has launched a limited-edition “kalakar” t-shirt and merchandise from which all profits go towards Indian artist .

The unisex  t-shirt features kalakari logo , referencing the indian kalakar to move  forward and showcase indian art on international level . founder of kalakari rishi nikam has launched merchandise  of kalakari with the team memeber aditya itoriya, shailendra bamniya, himanshu rao, mitali punjabi, akansha mapare, jayesh patel & sarthak pimpley.

Speaking on the launch of KALAKARI FILM FEST rishi nikam said, “kalakari team has always innovated and tested new opportunities. It is a special occasion for us as we introduce a new concept handcrafted  merchandise which would stand out. As we Kalakari team we take another step towards staying committed to our promise of providing unique, innovative and offbeat experiences to indian artist. We are planning to launch  more interesting stuff like this “

Main motive of Kalakari Film Fest is to promote the “Kalakari” artists of India to international level. Kalakari Film Fest is totally a Non-profit organization. Rishi Nikam founder of Kalakari Film Fest says, "We have great artists in India who need some helping hand to grow." In this film fest we have received 500+ international short films and 500+ Indian short films from the United Kingdom, Italy, India, Germany and many more. Rishi nikam’s kalakari the event as an alternate way for filmmakers to get their film to the public.

“our life is a film,”  said team kalakari.

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