Rishi nikam promoting indian artistes on international level kalakari

Rishi Nikam says “India has great art. Only we Indians can show the world the real art of India.” as kalakari film festival director rishi promotes Indian artist on a big platform in the art field 

He is specialized in short films. “You must promote Indian artist then only you will get fame “, said Rishi nikam. Rishi nikam from India is famous for his various art forms like short film & blogger. His artifacts had brought India and in particular Indore, Madhya Pradesh all the laurels from across the globe creative artists from India kalakari film festival (director) rishi artwork is published in various magazines and articles.

2020 Kalakari film festival 2nd edition is live in this year. Founder of film festival Rishi nikam says “this covid19 can’t stop creativity of an artist”. Non-profit organization kalakari film fest promotes the “Kalakar” artists of India to international level and give a platform to artist to showcase their art and short film. 2020 edition of kalakari 250+ Short film with 50+ artworks is submitted around the world. 

As in recent years, the festival was supposed to have taken place in August in Dewas MP 455001, with the film lineup divided between two performances at 7 and 9:30 p.m. But Festival was delayed by the coronavirus and instead will be streamed on YouTube with 

Rishi nikam’s kalakari the event as an alternate way for filmmakers to get their film to the public , and in the beginning, he didn’t know much about the cinema world or short films in particular. “For me my life is a film,” he said. 

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