Rishi nikam founder of kalakari film festival come up with new concept of 2020 fest

Founder of film festival Rishi nikam says “this covid19 can’t stop creativity of an artist”. Non-profit organization kalakari film fest promotes the “Kalakar” artists of India to international level and give a platform to artist to showcase there art and short film. 2020 edition of kalakari 250+ Short film with 50+ artworks is submitted around the world.

For the first time, kalakari film festival by rishi nikam will also roll out a digital platform of screenings and talks that will span the full 3 days of the festival. The offerings will include five programs of shorts, an online industry conference, outdoor experiences, press conferences, interactive talks, and Q-and-As with cast and filmmakers.

Rishi nikam’s kalakari the event as an alternate way for filmmakers to get their film to the public, “for me my life is a film,” he said.

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